Aarohi XIV- ‘Special 26′


It seems like yesterday,the first Aarohi meeting in P-05. Final years and second years addressing the gathering of first years in that classroom,explaining the importance of Aarohi. That was two years ago,sometimes seems a long time. Many things have changed since then and yet certain things always seem to be the same. Aarohi,the annual cultural festival of VNIT-Nagpur,founded in 1988, a phenomenon,that endures;inspiring every new batch and guiding them through the four memorable years of engineering.

Two years back,our job was to execute the things well planned for us. Now,we are on the other side,planning the things as well as ensuring that they are executed. The nostalgia still doesn’t get over as I recall those moments. In all this I have changed a lot. It was a wonderful experience organizing ‘Cultural Nite’,the charity show,organized by the third years of the Aarohi family. All the efforts,the planning it seemed were perfect when the audience was completely mesmerized by the voice of Devaki Panditji. It wasn’t just musical,it was magical. Every event planned and managed successfully certainly ups the confidence of the whole batch. From Junior Scientist to AXIS to Cultural Nite, in all this, we have certainly gained a lot of experience which certainly have prepared us for our future endeavors. In retrospect,I realized my role as an organizer across various events has changed profoundly. From an active role now it’s more sort of supporting role. With every event,for me personally, I have realized the changes in my thinking and my behavior.Across all the events organized right from the first year, it’s really not easy to manage the same intensity throughout. It has not been for me,but somehow the boat had to sail and so it has. One does certain things for oneself and sometimes for others,for friends and may be for the expectations. Every work to be done has a motivation factor attached to it. When you do not have it,there’s sometimes no point working for something. You need two things for any thing to be completed well: Motivation and will. Where there’s a will,there’s a way. My belief on this saying has only got better over the years. Any successful event has two main pillars the organizers and their will power. For us,this time,we had the will to make the event bigger and donate a larger sum. We have more or less achieved what we wanted to achieve. Happiness is just a by-product of the efforts required to achieve a goal.

These last couple of years taught me more than the previous years. It has been an incredible journey. It has given me friends,it has given me the enjoyment college life is defined by. I guess,this is what makes Aarohi as an event so special. You have eight semesters in college on one side and four editions of Aarohi on the other. What we all can sum up in the blog is just a tribute,just another tribute to a way of life,a legacy called ‘Aarohi’. This year’s edition is just another day away. The tension and the nervousness is at its peak. But then it all balances on the last night. That’s the day I personally organize Aarohi for. That night is above all and previous two have been memorable. I will miss the outgoing friends, I surely will. We have enjoyed working as their sub-ordinates in all the events they have organized. The joy they felt after completing the event successfully was as much as we felt organizing the event. I have made some wonderful friends,that have made the last 3 years of my college life an enjoyable experience. I hope may our friendship continue further and I hope they equally cherish the moments I have spent with them all. Come February 24, there will just be one last Aarohi remaining for our batch,one last event for the last semester of college life. I can certainly imagine what my seniors must be feeling right now. I cannot justify the feelings by writing them here in my words. To experience that feeling, you have to be an Aarohi organizer,not just for one edition,but throughout the four editions. I hope the penultimate event of my college life ends with an awesome show by AGNEE. I am certain,it will.

I hope this proves to be a perfect tribute to the senior batch.
Alvida yaara alvida
Ho rahe tumse hum judaa
Le chale saare gham tere
Khush rahe yaara tu sadaa

Tumse bhi zyada hongi
Ab yaadein pyaariyan
Hum dono ki hain apni apni lachariyaan
Ab hanste hanste tumpe le khushiyaan vaariyaan

Marz bhi hain deti
Chain bhi hain deti
Dard bhi hain deti
Jaan bhi hain leti
Yaariyaan Woh o..
Na chhode yaariyaan



A fan of the legend
Shantanu Gharpure.

Third Year Organizer,

Aarohian for life.


The legends shall rise!



Me, Aarohi and a cup of brew!


So I woke up this Monday morning and I remembered I had a class at 8. I brushed and had ample time left for a coffee. So I started making one. I started boiling the water.

“I believe in you, even without realizing”

“Hai pyar me jo hosla, kadmo pe tere ho jaha”

A man can’t just boil water. I was humming along. And then opened up a site aarohiworld.com just to see if anything was new. My phone buzzed with an update for the new Aarohi T-Shirt. It looked uber-cool. I wanted to participate this time. But my hand was aching a bit. I realized I had just danced last night. No, I was never a pro. My friend once said to me its always good to clear doubts to avoid misunderstanding. But to let go off while the music hits, I loved it. So basically it was after a classical singing program by Devaki Pandit and which my parents appreciated a lot. For me it was new. But then I have been a stranger to Marathi songs as I have been to Latin. I just remember seeing at the moon while she sang “hey soorano Chandra vha” Did that make sense to me? What was I thinking? It was music. And that actually sounded amazing. Well about making no sense, I always thought of them as the quirks I developed while recovering after an accident. Meanwhile, the friend meant for professors instead, anyway.

Agnee Live Concert on 23rd February!


So I added 2 spoons of coffee and then I added a bit more just to make it a bit stronger. BTW this year’s site was good. When I came to know that medieval age is the theme, I was surprised. And I was like “How?” There was so little to do actually on such a good sounding topic. Anyway I always knew they had an edge. There must have been a lot of thoughts before deciding that. The only thing I could relate when I thought about medieval age was Lord of the Rings. There you had Gandalf. He looked so much like Dumbledore, man. Trust me I hid my surprise when I found out that Gandalf actually was magneto in X-men also. Wow! That is some good varied acting. A few google searches and I was reading, “My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill before this is over.” Gollum so much brought back the memories of some of my professors. I related Gollum to profs only because I felt creepy after seeing him in the movie. And frankly speaking I realized that I was at fault most of the times in the subject learning. Yeah, the truth is always bitter and yes, I can make sense sometimes even if I am recovering from the memory loss. So I was looking at the Aarohi site, and I remembered the “prof-in-charge” of Aarohi. You know what, I initially thought of profs and the word in-charge just adds responsibility of just another event to the otherwise busy prof. But just then the other day, Katpatal sir, prof-in-charge for Aarohi was sitting along with some 60-70 Aarohi organizers and he sounded so cool. He could have lectured us about morals and how to spend less time in our cultural fest. But no, he was different. Among the many things that he shared, he said that his 1st name was Yashwant. I could relate to that because even my father’s 1st name was the same. That was amazing. You see I remembered only because he shared. And Gollum did destroy the ring eventually at the end. Likewise you do receive some knowledge when the prof ends his lecture. While he talked, I had a constant smile on my face. I mean a man standing at 50 feet could have clicked it instantly because it was something that was natural. and mark my words a natural pose comes out to be a good pic. It was one of the few things that I learned when Aarohi decided to do a photography workshop.

The coffee was strong enough now. I added sugar and stirred it a little bit. It was still early morning. The time span was less and remember, all I did was think J. Thinking brings up Gandalf again, He once said “Some that die deserve life”. Those who live in Nagpur deserve to be treated with a lively and rocking Aarohi. But then it’s the matrix and yes it’s the choice that matters I know. Speaking of which, I was glad to know people visited me when I was ill when on the contrary I was unconscious for some 6-7 days. And they did they make a choice of praying for my survival. And why did that make it? I prefer to remember it the Samwise way “That there’s some good left in this world.” Some wanted me back alive, a few may refrain from thinking so. But then the needs of many outweigh the need of a few. This statement so brings back the memories of 1st year Aarohi. I will rather put it this way that a few people were not interested but many were oozing with enthusiasm to live Aarohi. Many wanted it to happen. And those who live Aarohi culture know that Aarohi needs to happen because it brings about a change in so many directions and gifts to them pleasure in a whole new way. A friend of mine in his 1st year took to playing instrument because he liked what he saw in the instrumentals at Aarohi. An otherwise studious students shouts for a song to a rock band in purple haze. These are some of the little pleasures of life. And Aarohi brings back to us a fountain of such pleasures. Aarohi is after all just a cultural festival. But in the process a person becomes prudent in steps. I have at least learnt to take things positively and live a life I enjoy.

Book your T-Shirts at SAC soon!

I poured the coffee in the mug and was sipping it when I realized I just had a look at the Aarohi site. The coffee was strong and sweet enough.  Obviously, sugar adds the sweetness. When I m a part of the brewing of coffee, Aarohi, along with it, comes the sweetness of friendship. And if I speak of friends, I have got people to laugh senselessly with and with shoulders to cry on. They stand tall with me every moment when I need them and even without asking. Aarohi in true sense, trust me, connects people. The song I was humming was actually a rendition that consisted a performance by Parikrama and Agnee. Parikrama performed at VNIT last year and Agnee is going to perform this year. Every year, the event kicks off with Cultural Night which is a charity event in its grass root level. I don’t know any of the musical instruments but when you see someone perform live, you know it feels good. With good music comes dance also which is by the way a treat to watch. Dramatics and Art is something I can relate with because I have performed it earlier and a yearly visual treat in Aarohi is something you can get without asking. Take a pick and do what you like. If you have a knack of reaching the epitome, Aarohi would automatically be included. You can utilize time so much, only if you wish it so. I try to experience Aarohi. Because with it, I enjoy. One may still ask why? Why Aarohi? And I could just say “There is no secret ingredient.”

Experience it to know it. Experience it this February, you can get the details in college or online at aarohiworld.com. We love to rock at Aarohi, whether you would be a part of the cultural extravaganza, is your choice.

Sushant Somkuwar,

Third Year Organizer,

Aarohian for life.


The legends shall rise!

AAROHI- adorning lives


I get a call from an unknown number. The elderly caller introduces himself and after confirming my name, asks me “Are you an Aarohi organiser?” I say “Yes Sir”, undeniable pride underlying my modest tone. He enquires in general about the events in Aarohi this year and asks me the timing of Madhur Antakshari. I tell him I will confirm and get back to him. Once I have the information, I text him the schedule. The oversmart Miss “Reception Committee” me blabbers and asks him if he is interested in Bollywood Quiz too. Then what he tells me is a small realization, which unravelled to me the extent to which Aarohi affects.
He texted back “Dear Nikita, thanx for a prompt reply. I am interested in Antakshari only because it is closely related to my daughter late XYZ who was a student of VNIT, a pass-out of 2003 and a devoted Aarohian. God bless you.”
Today a third year organiser, I already have a trunk full of Aarohi moments to look back at with fondness. Undoubtedly, the months from December to February, the Aarohi work-months surely shine a bit more bright, in the four golden years of college. Numerous Aarohians from our alumni too have sweet memories of their ‘Aarohi’s. Spread across continents, working in variegated sectors and streams, travelling, stressed or busy, each one nevertheless longs to be a part of the grandeur. Once again. And through alumni reunions, Facebook or the alumni wall, Aarohi has always kept these enthusiastic elders of the Aarohi family involved.
The other day, a fellow organiser received a call from a friend’s brother, a student of an engineering college in Pune. He tells him he is in Nagpur for a while and asks what he can participate in, at Aarohi ‘14. The organiser asks him “Do you dance, sing or play any instrument?” “No” or “Then are you interested in art, film making or photography?”. The guy replies “Nahi na bhaiyya, lekin Aarohi me aana hai!” Haha!
If Aarohi was a person, she would have been humbled!
Among school kids through college students to even people from the middle aged group, there are few who don’t wait for Aarohi. It’s fun to entertain questions from odd people in the middle of the year about the rock show dates! We had a publicity desk for another event in college in September and a group of morning walkers in their sixties come up and ask “When is your Cultural Nite?” and we just tell them “You will have to wait sir!!”
It’s just the way it is!!…
The public apart, Aarohi for those back stage, in SAC and on the ‘katta’ is a whole different picture. It doesn’t just affect, it changes our lives, for ever.

Aarohi is not a living entity or some priced material possession. It is very, very difficult for me to describe what it is. May be it’s just a feeling. Some say it’s a family. It’s some magic powder sprinkled on all in the family which makes you feel you own, and you owe. It’s a thin wire of silver which binds- an Aarohian to another Aarohian 26 years younger. It connects. It enthralls.
It makes you laugh. And it makes you cry. It makes you miss yourselves, your blood-buddies and those glistening years. And it makes you want more. It becomes a part of you. And it makes you a part of itself- the Aarohi family.
Proud to be an Aarohian.

Be a part of this revolutionary festival.

Because, life is counted by memories and not years!


Nikita Ankem

Third Year,

Aarohian for life!



The legends shall rise!

Waiting for the legendary edition!


My Life at VNIT revolves around many things and of-course Aarohi is the bulkiest sphere of those. As a third year I along with my enthusiastic batch-mates successfully organized Cultural Nite, the curtain raiser of Aarohi. As it happened throughout the time Devaki Pandit performed in Cultural Nite, I roamed down the memory lane. I have very clear memories of me remembering almost every senior’s name knowing that this guy was the treasurer in the previous edition and that guy was the vice president. As we were drafted into different committees I was by default destined for backdrop which is the backbone of Aarohi and involves lot of art work. It really requires skilful people who don’t usually come in the limelight but they are the ones who create it for Aarohi. I unfortunately didn’t have the skill to make Aarohi beautiful and involved myself in helping with logistics for my committee and getting sponsorship. As time progressed I got better and Aarohi got bigger.

As time went by and I was into my second year, it was already the 25th edition of Aarohi and the crowd was blown away by Parikrama. It was a very successful as our batch really contributed with efforts getting huge sponsorships for the events. This was the time when we were under some serious workload and the bond between us became stronger.

I have always thought organizing Cultural Nite is very noble, as the curtain raiser contributes to an NGO through the proceedings and the guardian of Cultural Nite being 3rd years, it is a great feeling for all of us. The things we learnt during the years before helped us organize what we call CN successfully. Going to every theatre which conducted a play or a classical concert and selling the elderly tickets and being asked by the treasurer “kitni tickets gai?” has been some memory. Cultural Nite has been the medium for Aarohi to connect with the service class of Nagpur and to contribute to a noble cause and my batch-mates are quite proud to organize it efficiently. The hours of discussion done, the amount of efforts put in has been very fruitful.

Cultural Nite was a huge success, the feedback said so, and we knew it. Though for us, Aarohi has never been about its magnificent events or pro-shows despite us giving our 100% for it, It has always been about the way we dance after organizing the event, The memories which become anecdotes which we share with our juniors and the strangers which became very good friends and the life during the chilling winter organizing Aarohi. As there are only 5 days more to go before the countdown for my last Aarohi starts I feel nostalgic and happy.


Kartik Adsule,

Third year,

Aarohian for life.


The legends shall rise!

Dr Y.B. Katpatal encouraging students to fight for the good cause ALL THEIR LIVES!

Aarohi-2014 Cycle rally


Aarohi-2014, the largest cultural festival in the region, like every year, made an ever-lasting impression in the minds of the people from Orange City yet again as we conducted the annual cycle rally in association with Wockhardt Hospital today!

Every year, Aarohi organises a social awareness cycle rally for spreading awareness regarding many vital social issues. Continuing this social endeavour, this year Aarohi 2014 organised the cycle rally in association with Wockhardt hospitals to spread awareness regarding the key social issue of “Medical Emergencies”. The rally was flagged off at 8.30 AM by Dr. G. P. Singh, Dean Students’ Welfare) and Dr. Y.B. Katpatal, Professor, Civil Engineering, VNIT Nagpur.

The rally started at Wockhardt Hospitals where the VNIT students performed a street-play (nukkad natak) on the importance of awareness regarding the emergency services and emergency contact numbers. Dr. Sahasrabuddhe from Wockhardt Hospital later addressed around 200 students and explained the advantages of emergency contacts being stored in everyone’s cell-phones which have become a part of modern life. He also urged the students to stay empathetic to the society and to go beyond their way to help someone in need. Shreyas Joshi, Secretary, Shreevallabh Chouganjkar and Akash Shembekar, Joint- Secretaries of Aarohi-2014, along with about 35 final year students, 40 third year students, 50 second year students and 65 first year students from VNIT  Nagpur, attended the rally. The rally of students covered the major hotspots of the city on their cycles propagating safe driving and spreading the awareness about emergency services available at disposal. The rally concluded successfully at VNIT Bajaj Nagar gates at 12 noon.

With just one more week to go for the final showdown, Aarohi-2014 would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to VNIT Nagpur from 21st-23rd February. Because, the legends shall rise!

Team Aarohi-2014



Brace yourselves…

Aarohi '14 Website now LIVE!

Aarohi ’14 Website now LIVE!

Legend says, as we grow up, we evolve into who we are going to be, we shape ourselves and get shaped by significant life events. Yet, some things, some people, some traditions create an identity of their own that withstands the tests of time and pass on traits from one generation to next, each adapting and struggling only to ensure that the legacy gets passed on.

Conceptualized way back in 1988, Aarohi has observed a regional college (Visvesvaraya regional college of Engineering [VRCE] ) transform into an institute of national repute (Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology [VNIT] ). Aarohi has seen students strive hard to establish a Cultural Festival which will provide a platform for the youth from all over to demonstrate their talents, to win accolades and simultaneously forge new friendships amongst the organizers behind the curtains.

Aarohi turned 25 last year. Quarter life crisis is common for us humans. But it was just a phase like no other for Aarohi. Crises are not a new thing to Aarohi. There have undoubtedly been innumerable setbacks Aarohi has experienced in its long, vivid history. Cut to today, January 2014. 26 years since the first Aarohi was organized. And at its crux, has anything really changed? The faces have changed, of those who performed at, of those who organized, of those who authorized and perhaps those who witnessed Aarohi.

To an outsider, it might seem just another Cultural Festival which colleges promote these days intending to enhance their brand image, and which the college students organize to strengthen their Curriculum Vitae. It might bewilder them as to why a few people out of the hundreds that are a part of that institute go to so much trouble when they can simply chill out and enjoy their college days the way others of our age do. But to truly value and understand something, you have to be a part of it, and live it through the inside.

To all of you, this is your chance to be a first hand witness of this spectacle rather than be just an idle onlooker. We openly invite you to be part of one of the most historical cultural extravaganza and have the time of your life competing against like-minded youth, and to showcase your talent, whatever it may be, whether you can serenade the audience with your melodious voice, make them hum to your harmonious tunes, bang their heads to your electric music, keep them over awed with your talents on stage, or raise social awareness in them through your dramatic portrayal of today’s society and the evils we face. It’s not just these talents, but even if you wish to have an enjoyable, unforgettable weekend with your friends- VNIT, Nagpur is the place to be at from 21st Feb – 23rd Feb, 2014.

Remember, opportunity never knocks on your door twice.

And as for us organizers, we are just a drop in the ocean, to be inevitably carried away by the unending waves of time. And, here, at the beginning of the end, we look back, and realize that it was worth every little sacrifice. And we’re left wanting for more. However, life can only be lived forwards. There’s only so much difference a person can bring, but when brought together, the synergy four batches brought together create results in pure, raw force that can accomplish anything once it has its mind set to one goal.

To all the Aarohians, the Aarohi movement is on the verge of becoming an unstoppable force. However, there is no secret ingredient. And there is no pre-written formula or a how-to book. You learn on the job. Make mistakes and rectify them as you move along up the structure that’s been created for an Aarohian to pass through, in his very limited years in college. Yet, given a chance to relive these four years, we would not want a single thing changed. The mistakes made, were ours to make, the success earned, was ours to enjoy, the friendships forged, are ours to cherish forever. Whatever happened, whatever we chose was exactly what we wanted at that time.

There will be moments when you doubt yourself, when difficulties seem insurmountable, when there’s no respite in sight. But the night is darkest just before the dawn. Remember these words from the epic ‘Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien, when you despair-

“Frodo: I can’t do this Sam.

Sam: I know Mr. Frodo. It isn’t right. By all rights, we shouldn’t even be here. But it’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes, you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folks in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something.

Frodo: What are we holding on to, Sam?

Sam: That there’s some good in this world. And it’s worth fighting for.”

Aarohi goes medieval this year. And as we all know, Middle Earth had its own share of triumphs and Dark Ages. With Aarohi ’14, let us travel back to that fantastical age. Let us reawaken that magical period when life was a lot simpler, when we were closer to nature, when we were still ignorant of the much technological advancement that we see now. When Mother Earth was in her prime, and stories which would go on to reverberate throughout ages occurred. For that is what Aarohi stands for. It is, in every sense of the word, a stuff of LEGENDS.

-          Shreyas Joshi

Aarohian for life.


The music in me


Simple undergraduates aiming high and focused to make a great technological career, bombarded by the world to be that blue-blooded person everyone dreads to challenge, a motive, to make oneself strong enough for complexities of life to become bearable, VNIT freshers were expected to learn it all in these four years.

What goes inside the four walls of VNIT is always a mystery.

“Break the code keeping stuff a secret yet reveal some mystic truths” said Hobbes…


World class leaders have just one code. “Any fool can know. The whole point is to understand.” The education at the institutes of technology is undoubtedly more upright but again, the whole point is to understand and not know. What is it then that makes VNITians, VNITians?

The feeling is prevalent in only the hearts that have been a small part of Aarohi.

Consider this. You are 18 years of age, you feel proud on having entered an intelligence pool, you have bigger dreams now, you have all the facilities that could push you towards your dream and everyone is like minded. One fine morning you come to college and you see, a clan of people, all hustling about the campus, phones and bundles of papers in hands, short meaningful conversations, brainstorming and debating sessions in some corners and everyone 100% focused towards something very important.

The kid in you wants to run to one of the tall stout seniors and say “I am in” but you just wait.


Aarohi is all about this fun. It is an epitome of cultural festivals across the nation, but at heart, it is this rummy experience that brings out the kid, shadowed somewhere, in you. It’s a direction.

You still want to win the world that you did when you entered the college, but with Aarohi, you are just better prepared. You have experiences that real world captures, it’s a simulation of what team-work is all about how a team performs best, its time management, its exquisite planning, it is what it is out there. You just have a whole new bunch of friends too that come complimentary.

College has always been about exploring ourselves. Aarohi unleashes that kid in you, makes you go for a mad run and realize, all this while, you were not only still en-route but moving faster than the world outside the walls.


Aarohi '13: Celebrating 25 years. 16 - 17 February, 2013

Aarohi ’13: Celebrating 25 years.
16 – 17 February, 2013

Aarohi-2013, the 25th edition of this magical experience, acknowledges the prowess, the kid lying within us holds. It’s a wonder ride. It makes you more that what people can see. It roots us to where we belong. One memory from Aarohi and it makes you as hot as a live wire.

Glad to be a part of this journey. Eager to make more of myself with Aarohi in the coming opportunities.  It’s simply the music in me.

Aarohi-2013, for the kid in you…

- Akshay Dongarwar


second  year – Aarohi ’13)

Cycle Rally – Aarohi ’13


It was Saturday, the 9th Feb. I woke up early, had my bath and breakfast. In a hurry, I picked up my 2 wheeler and as I was about to leave for my college, my neighbour uncle asked, “Kyun beta gadi puncture hai kya?”
I said, “Nahi uncle, aaj cycle se jaa raha hu, college me cycle rally hai!”
“Ye kaunsa naya drama kar rahe ho tum log?”
“Drama nahi hai uncle ye !!!”
“To kya hai?”
“Badlav”, I said.

I really don’t know where did that come from, :P , but he looked stunned for a moment or two and then he gave me a forced smile and I finally left ! Today I was feeling a new zeal inside me. You always feel such an urge when you know you are going to work for a SOCIAL CAUSE!
So, I reached college around 7-30 am. As I reached “THE KATTA”, the sight was pleasing to the eye. Around 250-300 VNIT students with their heads high, smiling faces, dressed up in white and CYCLES in hand!

Oh yeah! By the way we VNIT students, the organisers of AAROHI, had organised a CYCLE RALLY ALONG WITH STREET PLAY.” Well, this is quite a tradition our AAROHI FAMILY is carrying out since a DECADE. We organisers really believe in thinking, “Yadi hamare karya se kisi anjaan vyakti ko prerit kiya jaa sake ek acha marg apnane ke liye, to yeh hamara saubhagya hoga!”
By the way, “MARG” (road) reminds me our combo of rally and street play was focused to MAKE PEOPLE AWARE ABOUT ROAD SAFETY! Coming back to the point, we left college and reached WOCKHARDT hospital, our first destination. The whole rally was promoted and supported by Wockhardt hospital.

In association with Wockhardt & IIT HOME

In association with Wockhardt & IIT HOME

We parked our cycles in a queue. Obviously, we never wanted road accidents to happen while we were spreading awareness about it,  :D .Without waiting much, the NUKKAD started. Oh my God! Seriously, the synchronisation and team work was amazing! Acting was fantabulous! Moreover and importantly, the dialogues and the script was impactful and astounding! The mesmerizing act served an EYE OPENER with pinches of humour here and there! At the end of it, people applauded their hearts out with appreciation.
This went on everywhere we went, be it Jerryl Lawns or Ajni square. The audience’s response was enthusiastic. As we moved on, many people asked “What it is?”, “Which college?” and everybody had a satisfying smile when they heard the details from us.

The rally saw its end at our very own Bajaj Nagar gate of VNIT. With the last show of our play, one bypassing lady came to us and said, “Hello children, I saw your play and I am very happy that you people are carrying out such activities in college. A few years ago my own son died in a road accident at this very place. I went through a huge loss but I want you people to be safe. I don’t want what happened with my son should happen with you! I see my son’s face in you.” Her eyes were filled with beads of tears. We all were silent, our hearts were beating slowly. Nobody said, but everyone made a silent promise to themselves, their parents and to all those who care that they will follow all rules, and take care on road. After you finish this, I hope even you will make such a promise to yourself :)

Bleeding AAROHI
Sushant Somkuwar


second year – Aarohi ’13)


AAROHI – a legend turns 25


One year since last Aarohi and many things have changed. As you move on in life, one year changes many, many things unlike in school life, where you are just promoted to a new class! So this is the 25th year of Aarohi and the festival this time is a celebration, a celebration of what Aarohi has given to VNIT culture, a celebration to what Aarohi means to us as organizers.

What’s so special about Aarohi? One of my friend often questions me – ‘Abe ye kya Aarohi, Aarohi karte rehte tum log, aisa kya tod karte tum?’ Aarohi is about a spirit, a spirit which binds every batch year after year to continue with same zeal and enthusiasm. It is about friends, some unforgettable memories, the fights, the jugaads and some more stories! What has Aarohi given to me in last one year? Of course, friends, friends and friends and then some more friends! The dreadful seniors are now kind of buddies (of course, until you don’t cross some invisible lines), many new contacts, loads of memories to cherish and now one year later we all 2nd years are on the other side of the line! We ask our first years to do what we did one year ago. As I said, one year changes many things!

What Aarohi imbibes in you is a sense of responsibility. It is about the fact that 10 years later when you sit in some room, in some corner all those memories flash through, you get nostalgic and you miss those college days and you miss Aarohi. The legend of ‘Aarohi’ has now reached its 25th year and yes it is still told to the first years. The legend and its many legendary characters and the various stories associated with it. I never understood what is so special about Aarohi even in the first year unless I witnessed what happened on the last day. I realized what it means, I realized what it gives, I realized why it counts and I realized I have to carry the spirit forward. A couple of years later maybe, it’ll be our turn to give our best for the last chance we have got. Since the 25 years it has been the same, people come, witness, live, cry and move on. This is Aarohi and that is why it is so special. These four years, the four ‘Aarohi’s , I am sure are very close to every heart.

Celebrating 25 years.

Celebrating 25 years.

Now, it turns 25 and we plan to make it big. This is a celebration, this is a tribute of what Aarohi has given to its Aarohians. We are really lucky to witness this phenomenon which started way back in 1988 and we will carry it forward.

“Padada to fir bhi wahi hai, bas log badle hain, nazare badle hai.”

The VNIT will again witness the event it has always witnessed since 1988, and this time I am sure it’ll be like never before. Aarohi is here, the 25th Aarohi is here.

- A fan of the legend
Shantanu S. Gharpure


second year – Aarohi ’13)


Aarohi logo

Aarohi logo

It is difficult to accurately and comprehensively translate in words what you exactly feel about some things that are so close to your heart that you yourself don’t know how fine a line exists between what you will do and won’t do, for that thing.

Aarohi, for non-Aarohians, is just another cultural festival, an excuse for some to go home, an event for others to hang out and enjoy, or to visit V.N.I.T. If only it had been just that. But it is not… And that’s where the difficulty lies. See, the thing in life is that, we all know we are going to die. But we don’t focus on the dying part, because, well, let’s face it. It’s gruesome, fearful and literally scary to imagine not waking up from a never ending sleep. It’s not easy to face the fact that one day, we will have as much consciousness as we did before we were born. ‘Existence’ is something we take very much for granted. Enough with the metaphysics part.

The thing with being an Aarohian is that you’re born an Aarohian as a first year, and you know that you’re no longer going to be actively connected to the core branch any more after passing out as a final year. So barely three years after you realize your existence, your expiration date (or to put it mildly, your ‘moving on’ date) is automatically fixed. Still, we ignore the inevitable end in the first year, postpone the dreadful thoughts in the second year, and somewhere in the middle of third and final year, we realize – This Is It.  The faces you see around you are not going to last forever. The friends you see around you are not going to be 24×7 together with you forever.

And that is when instead of just a festival, Aarohi transforms from “just an event” to something much, much more. Because you’re not working with colleagues, you’re enjoying with friends. Friends, if chosen rightly enough, become your second family. If you’re not a VNITian, it’s probably only partially your fault that you can’t be an Aarohian. If you’re a VNITian, it’s probably actually your fault that you are still not an Aarohian.

The thing that this year’s Aarohi taught me is that if you can’t handle something when it is at its worst, then you definitely don’t deserve it when it is at its best; that if you want to test a man’s character, give him power; that random things happen, but if you wait for it long enough, then everything happens for a reason and all the things fall into place at the last moment, which makes you wonder why you were so worried about it a few days earlier! Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors. So when I come back home from a tiring day, and the only thing I want to do is to just put my head down on a pillow, and cover myself with blanket, innumerable images come to mind of countless people working day in, day out for Aarohi. And then, sleep automatically vanishes, health automatically becomes second priority. Either you’re “All In” or you’re not. And if you’re not going to go all the way, why go at all?

And after these 10 action-packed days come to an end, there will be the dreaded question mark staring at my batch, we who have stuck together through so many storms, and battled through them all – the days we could afford to ignore the reality are over. The moment of truth is here. You only got one last chance to do Aarohi.

The whole point of these random thoughts is that Aarohi has a rich legacy of 25 years. Aarohi is not just an event. It is so much more. Words fail here.

-          Shreyas Joshi


third year – Aarohi ’13)

Aarohi '13: Cultural Night

“All the Best” – Hit musical produced by Mahesh Manjrekar, @VNIT Auditorium, Sunday – 10th Feb 6 pm.

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