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Cometh winter, the gate to Central India’s Largest Cultural Festival are opened, ushering in an unprecedented medley of excitement and zeal. The cultural extrvaganza,studded with electrifying and exhilarating events and competions,witness a footfall of over 20,000 zeroing in our campus. Conceptualized way back in 1988, Aarohi has both qualitatively and quantitatively established itself as the centerpiece of cultural spectrum of the region. COntinuing with this glorious tradition, Aarohi-2015 will be host to some of the largest professional shows and events. Coke Studio with Raghu Dixit, Sunburn Campus with DJ Kash Trivedi, Cultural Nite with Saleel Kulkarni and the elimination round of Femina Miss India. The event is surely one of the largest cultural festivals of the nation!

A La Danse

Fear waggles the leg, and now wriggles the thigh,
As the troop with strange gestures advance,
And a rattle and clatter anon rises high,
As of one beating time to the dance.

Tempting percussions to tap your feet,Slimmery grooves to roll on . Why dance on ripples when you can surf the hurricane!!!

Set the stage on fire with the tap of your feet and bewitch the crowd with the charismatic moves.

Encash the prizes with your sparkling moves

Welcome to the greatest dancing fever!!!

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Harry knew that Quirrel delusioned the mighty Fluffy with the harp. He realized that its not the muscle that will mend the chimes of fear ,it’s the melody that will mesmerize it. Come to the thrilling extravaganza to enthrall the crowd with your voice.

An opportunity to illuminate the ambience, a moment to be seized and a glory to be personified.A Voice of Tommorow awaits it’s birth at Swarmanzar.

Many exciting awards and prizes of course!!!!

Lets discover a new chord in the rhythym!!

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Cultural Night

Its only when we work for those who need our help,we dicover the new essence of humanity in the world.As its social endeavor,Aarohi 2015 presents you Cultural Nite 2015, a musical rendezvous with the best Marathi duet namely Salil Kulkarni and Miss Arya Ambekar.

Dr. Salil Kulkarni ,a known prodigy in composing melody and a seasoned performer in the Marathi music industry has delivered innumerable melodies to cherish. “ Aayushhyaawar bolu kahi” is all time favourite of Marathi music lovers and has been staged for over 1000 times.Arya Ambekar,a young prodigy to reach the finale of Marathi Sa Re Ga Ma is all set to mesmerize the audience with her honey laden voice.

It gives us a great pleasure to associate ourselves with “Deepstambh”,an NGO which is working to uplift the condition of women,by providing vocational training and making a difference at the grass roots level.

Your help can illuminate a thousand lives, We hope that our contribution, albeit slight, may spread smiles across the faces of many. For real happiness, lies in making other people happy.

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Rhythm Divine

“Stay with me tonight; you must see me die. I have long had the taste of death on my tongue, I smell death, and who will stand by my Constanze, if you do not stay?”

― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Who needs to be a Phoenix for rebirth? One simply requires the rhythym called soul; a chord called passion and play the guitar called life.. and reincarnate an enigma of the Divine.

Lets decipher a new Mozart or a Hans zimmer in the journey…

Aarohi ‘15 gives you a chance to showcase your prowess in the instrument you play. Be it guitar, violin, drums or piano, the stage is all yours to rock !

Purple Haze

Beatles said:
"Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous . . . I feel we're only heralding SOMETHING EVEN DARKER THAN OURSELVES

The alarms have rung,drums have rolled and the strings have tightened and so has the grip of fear.Its time to petrify the spirits by creating an order in the chaos.Decimate the devil with the inferno of the drums,the strum of the guitar and the mighty flare of the voice. With 90000 watts of electrifying bose,the echoes of the fear shall perish with the thunders of the bass.Bang your heads in resonance with the dazzling vibrations.

Give the audience the time of their life and we’ll stash you with cash. This February, we host the biggest youth concert for the rockstars!

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Photography & Film Making

““The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.”

Amidst the fog of fear,only the only the genius shall perceive the colors of the dark night.

For those who have the mettle to seize the invisible spirit in their sight,burn the devil in the flash of the lens and lay it into the deathbed of the camera.

Aarohi 15 presents you the “film making and photography” contest to unravel the mystique in your imagination.Add flavor to your film with the essence of your inquisitiveness and take the audience on a ride through someone else’s life. We call out to all the film-makers who believe they can shape the world. And the best part, your movie will make a lot of money. It's lights, cameras and action!

Lots of goodies to be won!!

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Art Conoscenza

"Originality is the most deadly mirage in all of art. You can chase it from now until doomsday, and you'll only find yourself lost and dying of thirst.”

Sail through the ocean of fear and let the voyage of imagination march on to the devil’s home. illusion the satan with your panache ,and translate the fear into reality.

This winter,welcome to the Art Conoscenza,and encash the bounty for the art trivia.

Unravel the Picasso within you!

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Campus Princess

The moment has arrived to manifest the beauty. A contest that will separate the diamond among the gems!!!

For all the divas,The ball is in your court!!!! Set the ramp on fire with your voluptuous move. Captivate the audience with your exuberance and Claim the throne for the Campus princess.

Come into this Hall of fame and get ready to Make your mark among the most sexiest models across the country.A chance to go for the Femina Miss India and be the one!!!!!

VNIT craves to be hypnotized with your glimpse !!

Let thy elegance lure the devil into its carcass!!!

Come to Campus princess 2015 !!!


Aarohi and VNIT are all set to stage Sunburn Campus 2015 and ignite the trance music fever like never before.

Sunburn is Indias premier electronic music brand hosting Asias largest Electronic Music Festival.

Sunburn has expanded itself to set a new bar for format gigs with renowned international DJs, marking the rise of a unique concept such as Sunburn Arena!

Showcasing a synergy of music and entertainment, sunburn is is all set to give you the greatest ever electronic music experience with the most electrifying ambience.

Get set to witness the most spectacular pro-show night ever at VNIT with DJ Kash Trivedi

Venue: Auditorium, VNIT Nagpur. Time: 5.30 PM onwards

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    20th Feb, Friday

    21st Feb, Saturday

    22nd Feb, Sunday


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